Funamo on Device Control for a given day, child changes phone date to another day before that day starts, Device Control doesn't work on day I set it. Please use internet date/time vs. phone date/time

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I hope this is a user error and I just need some direction on how to set up Device Control correctly.  If not and Funame is using the PHONE's date/time vs. INTERNET date/time, then I am perplexed.  If that is the case, please make an update available immediately to use INTERNET time for all settings and NEVER use the phone's date/time.  Kind of defeats the purpose with such an easy workaround.

If I'm using it wrong and there is a way to set up Device Control that cannot be manipulated so easily, please respond.

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Taking time from internet does not always work. For example, the user can turn off internet connection and then change the date/time. Also Android system does not allow any app to adjust system time automatically. So if you have found that your kid is changing time/date, you should put settings in the protected app list so the date/time cannot be altered. 

Thanks I understand.  Blocking settings is pretty Draconian - makes the phone difficult to use.  Are there other settings that present Funamo issues, or just the date/time?

If date/time is the main/only settings issue, please add an option to Funamo to not allow any apps if there is no internet connection to check the REAL date/time, and show a message telling the user as much. If they want to use apps then they have to allow Funamo to check the REAL date/time via internet by turning on internet access.  We are talking about PHONES in most cases, which almost ALWAYS have internet access.  I want my child to be able to access basic phone settings, AND have Funamo use internet time to regulate usage based on time settings, and simply not work if internet is not available.

written 2.1 years ago by Michael Cutler 
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