How to degrade ECM pixels?

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Dear all,
In my simulation once the cancer cell comes in to contact with ECM,  starts to secrete MMP and once the MMP concentration in ECM lattice sites reach a threshold, they switches their type from ECM to medium or they die. but my code doesnt work.(ECM is frozen)

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You can't set the volume and surface qualities for MEDIUM or for a single pixel. You should be able to just set the cell type of the pixel to MEDIUM (cell.type=0).

So try just
and remove the and px.lambda... commands

If that simple approach doesn't work try
Yeah target volume was just an assupmtion and was uncommented and in fact i had used px.type=0 but it didnt work. thank you  very much for your help, self.cellField.set(px,CompuCell.getMediumCell()) solved the issue.
written 6 months ago by silvana 
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