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The Funamo browser is not showing any results when you type something in the search bar (android tablet). The app is loaded, Funamo is active, Google App removed from the homepage (it was forcing the Funamo app to open and have the user login, which fully defeated the purpose).  Any assistance would be appreciated.  

A couple of questions: is it just search not working? How about regular websites such as Funamo does not block Google App by default. So please check if you added it to any of the app control list such as protected apps.
written 2.1 years ago by Funamo Support 

Thank you for your response; it seems to be resolved now and is behaving as expected.  The action that cleared it seemed to be either or both when I cleared the browser cache or sync'd with the server.  The only piece unresolved as yet is if you go to Yahoo via the web browser, you can still get unfiltered results on 'porn' for example, that are blocked when you go to YouTube via the app.  Do I need to add 100% of key words to block to make YouTube 'safe' viewing if accessed through the Funamo Browser?

Thank you.


written 2.1 years ago by Kelly 

Google has the best safesearch support. So if it is a concern to you, you can blacklist yahoo search and use Google for searching.

written 2.1 years ago by Funamo Support 
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