How to save deformation gradient tensor

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Hi there i am solving a nonlinear elasticity problem in which i compute deformation gradient before specifying the weak form as under
# kinematics 
d = u.geometric_dimension()					  
I = Identity(d)             				
F = I + grad(u)				 				
C = F.T*F                   				
B = F*F.T                                   
J = det(F)
eq = inner(P,grad(du))*dx + inner(J-1,dp)*dx  
Jac = derivative(eq, up)

I want to print or save the deformation gradient tensor (F) during solving this problem. I tried to save it as an array but that results in error. Can anyone suggest how to save the deformation gradient tensor to a file. Also if i want to print or use a particular component of the deformation gradient tensor then how to go about that ?


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You could project onto a suitable function space, i.e.
TFE = TensorElement(u.ufl_element().sub_elements()[0], shape = (d,d))
TensorSpace = FunctionSpace(mesh, TFE)
F_proj = project(F, TensorSpace)

# Save to File
File('defgrad.pvd') << F_proj​
Thanks! i am trying this code.
written 6 months ago by Ovais  
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