Can a launcher permit to skip Funamo?

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Hello. On a mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 I installed a new launcher called ABC launcher. Now it seems that my daughter can reach Facebook mobile site using the browser of the Phone (not Chrome). Is it possible to do something to prevent it?

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A launcher may affect application control but it should not affect web filtering. Are you using Funamo browser? It is not clear from your question when you say "the browser of the phone". I am assuming that it is the built-in browser app (for Samsung, it is called Internet). Web filtering would not work unless you did manual proxy setup with Advanced mode. Please make sure that you use Funamo browser and enable Block other browsers in Account settings so other browsers cannot be used.

More details can be found at instruction page:


Hello. Thanks for the answer. Actually you're assuming correctly. It's the built in browser. The problem is that I protected all browsers so that she can't use them. I didn't install Funamo browser because she doesn't have to use any browser. I set "block other browsers" and when I control the phone it seems to work. Anyway she skips it somehow... I set also a black list. Is it good only for Funamo browser?


written 2.1 years ago by Dario Cerutti  

Yes, blacklist is for web filtering. If you use easy-setup mode, you will need Funamo browser. If you use advanced mode and manually setup proxy, it will affect other browsers such as Chrome and the Android built-in browser.

written 2.1 years ago by Funamo Support  
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