Can I simulate the lumen formation in tissues?

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Hi everyone, I try to simulate the formation and fusion of lumens in the tissue. The sketch is as follows. The black hole is the lumen. Each lumen is between two cells.

I wonder if you could give me some advice, how can I simulate the initial lumen in CC3D? In my scenario, the lumen may exert a pressure on the surrounding cells so that it can extend. Besides the cells need to contract by themselves. Thank you!

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Yes, the best way to model a lumen is probably as "cells". Basically, blobs of water (or blood, or ...)
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See this paper for details
The paper is very detailed and a good source- thank you for the suggestion! We need a Journal Club on the forum!
written 9 months ago by Scott H 
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I am curious about this as well. What type of tissue is this? If in 2D, you could initialize a cell type for the lumen "space"
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