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How would one simulate a thin-walled pressure vessel using FeniCS ? Say I have a cubic mesh, which I want to apply an internal pressure to. How would I define the 2D geometry of the walls in 3D space and how would I allow stresses only in plane of the 2D elements ?
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I'm very interested if someone has experience with this kind of problem where 2D manifolds are immersed in 3D topology.
I've never really dived into this topic, but in 2013, at least the Poisson equation could be solved on a Moebius strip immersed in 3D space.
And there's a project by J. Hale et. al. dealing with shell theory in FEniCS, but I haven't checked that out in detail either. In the examples, however, I've only seen 2D rectangular meshes in 2D topology.

Anyway, it seems to me implementing shell-like structures is not as straightforward as one might wish.
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Thanks for the Moebius strip example, haven’t seen it before. Might be a good start. I’ve seen FeniCS-shells project, but as you’ve said they don’t show what I want.
written 8 months ago by Mihails Delmans  
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