Fail to run the model from CC3D web

9 months ago by
I have just run the model code of the PKD paper(
There seem to be some problems,
1. when I click the 'Open in Player', the CC3D player doesn't work (both of the isoCyst and tubule model).
2. it seems that the is lost in the tubule folder,
<version 3.7.7, Windows 7, 64-bit.>
<Simulation version="3.7.3">
    <PythonScript Type="PythonScript"></PythonScript>
    <Resource Type="Python"></Resource>
    <Resource Type="Python"></Resource>

1 Answer

9 months ago by
We fixed it

here is the link

If it does not work I am attaching it here as well

File attached: (40.93 KB)

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