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For what purposes would I want to click either of the application control options:
* Protect apps
* Quarantine apps
* Allowance applies to all apps?

Many thanks!
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When the "Protect Apps" box is checked for an app, any app that has the "Protected" box checked will always require a parent's password to run. (in addition to other restrictions, and regardless of whether there are no other restrictions).

When you have the Quarantine box checked, that means that any new apps that are installed will have the "Protected" box checked until you change this.

"Allowance applies to all apps" 
Let's say you have 5 apps with "Daily Allowance" checked and the allowance is set for 30 minutes:
  • if "Allowance applies to all apps" is NOT checked, then there will be a separate 30-minute allowance for each app, so that could add up to 2 hours and 30 minutes in total if they used each one to the maximum.
  • if "Allowance applies to all apps" IS checked, there will be 30 minutes for using those five apps altogether. So they might use one for 5 minutes, another for 10, and another for 15 and then time will be up.
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