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I just wonder if anybody managed to debug from a Windows machine (win7)  a python app running on Win XP over OpenSSH. Everything is properly set up, Wing 6  establishes the ssh connection, finds a remote copy of python.
When I try to install the remote agent, I see the  message box saying "Detecting OS" and that's it - nothing else. I assume this is because Win XP is not supported, right ? I now that Win 6 does not run on Win XP but  I hoped that the remote agent will. Looks like I am out of luck - is it correct?


PS (edit): Sorry, forgot to mention - Wing 6 Professional
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Thanks for the confirmation, this is what I suspected.

I used Wing 5 for debugging the code on remote Win XP hosts, it works just fine, but the implementation of  remote debugging in Wing 5 is not very optimal, because  remote/local debug settings are shared between all projects (i.e. they are not project specific).

So you set up a project to work with a remote host, do some work, now switch to a different product running on the local machine and have to change the Wing settings every time when you switch between local and remote debugger. A bit of hassle but definitely not a showstopper. Wing is great anyway !
In Wing 5 you can make a copy of the preferences file from the user settings directory, optionally removing all but the debug.location-map preference and whichever other ones are relevant, and send that to Wing with the --prefs-file command line option.  You do need to start Wing again for each project, but could set up some .bat files for each project as a possibly easier way of dealing with that limitation.  Details are at and
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Correct, the remote development support doesn't work with Windows as the remote system.  The remote system has to be Linux or OS X.  I think you're limited to Wing 5 on XP or it would work to set up remote debugging manually as documented in
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