Memory error Graded Assignment 2: 4.3

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For graded assignment 2: 4.3, for adding columns ['movie','genre','Date','Gross','Days'] to a dataframe, after a 30 minute wait I get "Memory Error". Without the genre, I get the result straight away. Is it that my machine doesn't have the capacity to put the corresponding genre to all 166389 rows, or am I doing something wrong to start with, although I think it is pretty straightforward task to do.

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Honestly, I don't think it's because of the capacity of your machine. Therefore, let's discuss the appropriate approach for this exercise. Eventually, we want a data frame that contains a subset of all columns of the daily table and the genre column which can only be retrieved from the movies table. Hence, we first formulate a SQL query to get the desired result and then assign it to the data frame called dfd. As for the first step, keep into account that you also need to include a WHERE statement in order to join the two tables.
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