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I'm looking for the "Number -> Text" function but couldn't find it.  What's it called?  (I was guessing that it might be called "show" or "toText".)
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The function you're looking for is called printed.  For example:

program = drawingOf(text(printed(sqrt(2)))​
Thanks!  That worked for me.  Is there a list of all of (or perhaps just the most used) functions somewhere?
written 11 months ago by Tad Doxsee  
The easiest way to get a list of all the known functions is to press Ctrl-Space or Shift-Space on a blank line in the editor.  There's also a whole-page description at (and a link to it at the end of the Guide).  I'm working on more reference materials that summarize just the most commonly used functions, but I don't have anything available yet.
written 11 months ago by Chris Smith  
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