How to compute the eigenvalues/eigenvectors of a 3x3 double matrix in C++ (serial)?

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Hi all,

I have 6 entries of a symmetric matrix (they are all doubles). I need simply to assemble the matrix and compute its eigencouples. I tried a lot of things, unsuccessfully. I tried to use PETScMatrix object, but I can't fill the entries, I can't initialize it too. I tried to initialize it with a PETSc Mat object, but I can't even initialize it, since it requires MPI_Comm as input parameter and my code works in serial. Consider that I tried to initialize PETScMatrix with a TensorLayout, but it requires an MPI_Comm too.
Any suggestions about this? 

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As suggested, there are analytical expressions for specific case.

In any case, do not use dolfin::PETScMatrix or dolfin::Matrix. These are designed for large, sparse matrices. From Python use NumPy/SciPy, and from C++ use Eigen3.
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A 3x3 matrix leads to a cubic equation for eigenvalues. There are explicit formulae for roots of a cubic. This would be faster than doing it numerically I think.
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