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Hi there ,

I am a new Fenics user and i am using a code to solve nonlinear elasticity problem. I have found a code that uses following compiler parameters however i am unable to understand the exact meaning/effect of these parameters on the solution process.

flags = ["-O3", "-ffast-math", "-march=native"]
dolfin.parameters["form_compiler"]["quadrature_degree"] = 4
dolfin.parameters["form_compiler"]["representation"] = "uflacs"
dolfin.parameters["form_compiler"]["cpp_optimize"] = True
dolfin.parameters["form_compiler"]["cpp_optimize_flags"] = " ".join(flags)​

I have tried to find relevant reading material in FEniCS book but somehow the material is not focused on these particular parameters.
Can anyone form the community please explain the meaning of these and possibly point me towards a source from where i can build up my knowledge regarding form compiler parameters and thier usage.


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