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Hello All,
Just a stupid question. Does anyone know where to find the code used in the FEniCS book[1]?
[1]Logg, A., Wells, G. N., Book, T. F., & Wells, G. N. (2012). Automated Solution of Differential Equations by the Finite Element Method (Vol. 84).

Especially for chapter 20 to 21, the Navier-Stokes part.
I feels like they have provided codes for different solvers for the fluid problem, but I can not find them.
Well, I can find Chorin's method and IPCS from different source, but I can not find G2, CSS or others.

Thanks a lot,
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I think that this is the book that you are looking for which has doi: According to, this book was published in 2012.
Oh I am sorry, I did not describe my question clearly. What I want is not how to make the book by latex. But the full codes which they cite in the book.
In some chapters, they only cite parts of the code as some brief example. However, I could not found the full codes like those which were provided in FEniCS tutorial.
written 10 weeks ago by SICHENG SUN  
Thanks a lot. I did not notice that I can build the book from the git. That's interesting.
written 10 weeks ago by SICHENG SUN  
Hi, dear friend.
Did you find the source code of FeniCs book?
I am interest at the same part as you(G2,CSS method for NS equations).
Thank a lot,
written 8 weeks ago by Hamilton  
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