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Am I right, that subdomains (mshr's .set_subdomain) are not supported with MPI? I'm using the stable:current docker image.
Is there a plan when it's going to be implented?
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Thank you for your fast reply!

What is then planned as the typical workflow for mesh creation with subdomains? Or is there no default way?
written 8 weeks ago by Adrian Schneider  
You can use dolfin's built-in mesh generation, mshr (sequentially), gmsh, meshio, ...
written 8 weeks ago by Jan Blechta  

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It's not gonna be implemented. Mshr will be probably dropped on dolfinx which is supposed to replace dolfin in future. New approach to meshing in dolfinx assumes usage of meshio package.

Use mshr on one process and save the mesh as xdmf. Then read it back in parallel.
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