Wing Python using most of the memory leads to system crash

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I'm using WingIDE V:6.0.12-1  and python 2.7. While running a project, python 2.7 uses only 95MB of memory. Sometimes later, memory usage is increasing and uses most of the memory(up to 7GB) and at last, system freezes out of memory.
Is this the debug process or Wing itself?
written 10 weeks ago by Wingware Support 
I'm always executing projects with debug process. I think, its the debug process.
written 10 weeks ago by Jayashankar V R 
Wing uses python2.7 internally (to run itself) so it's possible it's Wing, depending on which OS you're on.  Would be easy to confirm by terminating debug and restarting the Python Shell from its Options menu to see if the large process goes away.

Assuming it's the debug process or Python Shell process, some questions: 

* Do you have any of the following enabled under the Debugger > Advanced group in preferences?  Resolve Properties, Allows Calls on Data Inspection, Call Python __repr__ methods.  If so, try disabling them.
* How long is it running?
* Does it occur while paused in the debugger or free-running?
* Does it grow faster during any particular activity, such as viewing data in the debugger?
* Is it using any of matplotlib, pylab, Jupyter or Django?
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Thank you for your reply.
Restarting the python inside the wing is not releasing the used memory.
My OS: Ubuntu 17.10
Call Python __repr__ Methods was checked.
It only runs for about 3 hours. after that, the system freezes. I can see the python2.7 increases the memory usage about 5MB/Second.
it occurs on free-running
it doesn't increase in any particular activity.
I'm currently working on a TurboGears project.
written 10 weeks ago by Jayashankar V R 
I suspect this is Wing itself that's increasing memory (it runs python2.7 internally and on Linux its process is reported under that name).  Can you please collect a profile as follows?

* Use Edit -> Command By Name and enter: internal-profile-start
* Use Wing and wait for about a minute without doing anything else in the IDE
* Use Edit -> Command By Name and enter: internal-profile-stop
* Then submit a bug report from Wing's help menu and check the box to include the error-log.

Hopefully that will point us in the right direction to solving this.

written 10 weeks ago by Wingware Support 
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