Suggested workflow for multiple body meshes?

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I've been running some simulations of electrostatic problems in fenics successfully, and now I would like to move on to more complicated models. So far, I have been using meshes either scripted in gmsh or imported from stl files and then meshed in gmsh. This is working fine but I can't figure out how to efficiently define physical surfaces and volumes (clicking to select them is not practical - if multiple bodies are imported in the same stl file gmsh doesn't allow them to be selected individually, and it is impractical to handle stl files for each subcomponent).

What tools/file formats/workflows are popular in the community for these types of multiple-body meshes where both surfaces and volumes must be defined? At the very least I would like to export a single file from a CAD program, click on each body to tag its physical type in a meshing program and then export to doflin xml. Ideally, I could do the tagging within the CAD program itself.
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We do it with SALOME.
You can define the geometry there and then select domains as well as boundaries.
We then export it to MED, convert it with GMSH and use eventually dolfin-convert.
In the .msh file the indices you may use in FEniCS are given.
Have a look at the "Computational Reality" book of Abali.

Here the workflow is described (section Complicated Geometries in FEniCS).

Does that help you solving your problem?

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Seems promising, I'll report back once I've given it a go. Hmm I notice SALOME has python scripting and gmsh has a python API. I wonder if this could be smoothed out without too much work. The reference looks great and my uni has access, many thanks!
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You're welcome!
The python interface is great. I use SALOME notebook and give certain input parameters for simple geometries. As one can summarize all steps in a single shell script, I rerun my studies in automated manner. However, I use the netgen interface in SALOME for generating the mesh and just convert it by calling gmsh in my shell script. 

written 6 weeks ago by Julius Zimmermann  
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