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For the paper "Emergent Stratification in Solid tumors ..." there is a conversion factor from fmol/cell to fmol/voxel (0.1fmol/cell/s to 2.25fmol/voxel/MCS). I can get the conversion from MCS to sec. However, what is the factor used for conversion of  per cell to per voxel. The paper mentions using a scaling factor to convert 5mM to 0.32fmol/voxel.

Similar conversion factors are also used in "Multiscale Modeling of Tissues " , the book chapter.

I would highly appreciate any help.
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I think in this simulation we used steady state diffusion solver that for a given initial and boundary condition outputs concentration numbers for each pixel. All we are saying in the paper is that whatever the solver outputs will be interpreted in such a way that when the solver outputs 0.32 fmol we interpret it as 5mM of real concentration. Simply put I can rescale concentration in any way I want i.e. when i keep diffusion constant fixed and rescale initial concentration by a factor F the field will evolve in the same way as the field that was not scaled. the only difference will be scale.

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