[Announcement] multiphenics -- easy prototyping of multiphysics problems in FEniCS

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Dear members of the FEniCS community,

we would like to announce the first public release of the multiphenics library, based on FEniCS.

multiphenics is a python library that aims at providing tools in FEniCS for an easy prototyping of multiphysics problems on conforming meshes. In particular, it facilitates the definition of subdomain/boundary restricted variables and enables the definition of the problem by means of a block structure.

This version (v0.1.0) comes with several tutorials:
* tutorial 1: block Poisson test case, to introduce the block notation used in the library.
* tutorial 2: Navier-Stokes problem using block matrices.
* tutorial 3: weak imposition of Dirichlet boundary conditions by Lagrange multipliers using block matrices and * discarding interior degrees of freedom.
* tutorial 4: computation of the inf-sup constant for a Stokes problem assembled using block matrices.
* tutorial 5: computation of the inf-sup constant for the problem presented in tutorial 3.
* tutorial 6: several examples on optimal control problems, with different state equations (elliptic, Stokes, Navier-Stokes), control (distributed or boundary) and observation (distributed or boundary).
* additional tutorials on simple multiphysics problems are forthcoming in v0.2.0

The official gitlab repository is at https://gitlab.com/multiphenics/multiphenics .
A github mirror is also available at https://github.com/mathLab/multiphenics .

More information, contact info and several links to related resources are available at those repositories.

Looking forward to any feedback,
Best regards,
Francesco Ballarin

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I would be more interested in this if you described your contributions in a journal paper.
written 8 months ago by pf4d  
Thanks for the comment! I will keep that in mind.
written 8 months ago by Francesco Ballarin  
It looks interesting and I am sure that your tool has its applications. But I miss a presentation of some killer feature that would convince me to rewrite my current code. Also, a good user manual would be very helpful for any new user.
written 8 months ago by TomL  
Thanks, improvement to the documentation is definitely on our TODO list. Concerning your other comment, I would be grateful if you could contact me via email with more details on your current code!
written 8 months ago by Francesco Ballarin  
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