Trouble configuring Wing IDE for a existing Django project

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I am running Wing IDE 6 on Mint Mate and for some unknown reason, Wing has lost the project. I am now stuck with trying to configure the project again, but it seems that this is not happening. I have been struggling for the last day and everything I try is not working and I always end up with the same dialogue box:-

"Please add you Django project directory (with and settings) to your wing project and then select Project > Extensions > Configure Project for Django menu item. Or use Start Django Project to start a new Django project from scratch."

I personally think the way Wing sets this up could be more helpful. For a start, and settings are in different directories. Also, where do I add these? As far as I can remember, you have to have a couple of lines such as :-


Tried this and no go. I end up with the first dialogue again.

If anyone could help me, I would be entirely grateful.


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Have you added the directories that and settings are in to the project tool?  You'd do this via the Project menu -> Add Existing Directory.  You can either add the two directories individually or add an ancestor directory that contains both.
written 27 days ago by Wingware Support  
Wicked!! Thanks very much. I was assuming I had to add the directory in the project properties dialogue. Now I have added it to the project tree, it worked straight away and the Django menu appeared.
Thanks very much for the speedy reply..

written 27 days ago by David Johns  
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