Are all motorised blind battery motors the same?

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What is the difference between the Reynolds rechargeable motor and others on the market? There appears to be some price differences which I do not understand.

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In 2017 there was an influx of battery powered motors on to the market in the UK. Some were powered by battery tubes - like a torch you would add AA batteries into a tube to power the blind. Others had rechargeable batteries built in to the motor. The Reynolds motor is a rechargeable version, fitted with a lithium battery.

The main difference between motors are the size of the battery, the torque of the motor and the revolution per minute (RPM) that it operated at.

The torque is how powerful the motor is - the more powerful then the larger the blind is can lift. The battery size affect battery life. And the RPM is how quickly the blind is lifted and lowered.

You do not need to worry about the torque of the motor - that is our problem. We use special calculations which include the tube diameter, the fabric weight, the bottom bar and the blind size to calculate whether the motor will be powerful enough to lift the blind. But if I add that our battery motor is 2N/m torque compared with between 0.3-1.1 N/m for the most of our competitors then you can see why we are confident that even a large blind will lift and lower without issue.

The RPM and battery size are of more interest though to you as a consumer. Many of our competitors motors run 6-7v batteries, and their RPM can be half the speed of our motor. Whilst on the face of it this doesn't seem that interesting to a consumer, you need to look at it in relation to battery life. We have a 12v battery operating a motor for roughly half the time, or our competitors have a 6v motor operating for twice the length of time - either way, you can see that our motor will go much further between charges meaning less hassle for the consumer.
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