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I am a new user to Funamo (less than 30 days) and I need someone to explain to me how my 13 year child who is not tech savvy at all was able to completely delete the Funamo app from her phone.  She knew her phone was being monitored but not via Funamo so she easily deleted it not knowing she wasn't supposed to.  I got no email or anything to notify me that the app was removed.  I went through your tutorial and set up everything as instructed.  Is there something I did wrong in the settings?  She has ZTE ZMax 2 Android phone.  If this is going to be this easy, I simply would like a refund.

I would appreciate your prompt response!

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For some device coming from some Chinese vendors such as Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, they added some non-standard settings. I would suggest the following:

1. Check if there is any app or settings that is similar to app manager, task manager, task killer, memory optimizer. Those apps can be used to kill Funamo. If you find some such apps, please put it in the protected app list so it is blocked.

2. Check if there is settings in the Settings App (not Funamo) to enable/disable automatic restart when the phone bootup. Make sure Funamo is enable to auto restart. Otherwise, when you restart your phone, Funamo will be disabled.

I am not able to paste the screen shot onto this site, so I am sending it via email to and now.

written 2.1 years ago by Dionne 
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