After installing wing 6 IDE PRO on Ubuntu the python version showing up is 2.7?! Not 3.6, although I have 3.6 installed. How do I switch ?

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The help file for wing only seems to be written for Windows, which is not helpful at all. I have installed a Wing 6 Pro IDE and when I open the python shell it is a 2.7 instead of 3.6.

Does anyone know the exact steps to switch it to 3.6 on Ubuntu distribution?

Thank you.
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Go to Project -> Project Properties. The first thing on the Environment tab is the path to the python executable to use.
To add to this, if you can't figure out what path to use either try python3.6 (which will work if python3.6 is on the PATH) or launch Python 3.6 outside of Wing and type this:

import sys

The value of sys.executable is what you want to use for the Python Executable in Wing's Project Properties.

Also, if you have Wing 101 then it's set instead in the dialog accessed with the Edit > Configure Python menu item (because Wing 101 does not have the concept of a project).
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