Creating a FEniCS stable Singularity image with openmpi

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Dear Fenics community,

I'm having some problems with running fenics built from source on our computing cluster on more than 1 or 2 compute nodes, that seem quite hard to resolve. Hence, the computing cluster help desk advised me to take a look at singularity images of FEniCS. These do exist, but the problem is that all stable releases of fenics seem to be built with mpich, which results in some problems on our cluster. 
• mpirun.mpich -n X singularity exec singularity.img python hangs on XDMF mesh reading/ partitioning
• mpirun.openmpi -n X singularity exec singularity.img python spawns X-number of processes with RANK=0 (i.e. the problem is solver X times instead of once on X-number of nodes).

Other images, built with openmpi do not have these problems when I run them on our cluster.

Are there singularity recipes available that allow to built a fenics-stable (2017.2.0 or similar) with openmpi?

Kind regards,
Community: FEniCS Project
I actually started working on this the other day, precisely with your use-case in mind (Singularity + OpenMPI):

Let me know how you get on.
written 6 months ago by Jack Hale  
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