Apps start during Funamo is on with repeatedly click on the app icon

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Dear Support,

My son has Sony Xperia Z4 compact and I have installed the funamo on it. I set all the games with time allowance and it is working well if he clicks on the games icon. BUT! if he clicks fast and repeatedly to the apps icon at the end they are starting despite these are restricted by Funamo.

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Yes, that's usually the first trick they discover. It works on all devices and it's been around for years - perhaps you can google it, but I never tried.

Consider the good things here: your son's play time still shows up in the stats. You'll be able to see it and talk to your son. Perhaps he will decide to comply.

Next things they discover are ways to completely disable Funamo - you won't even see anything in the stats and the browsers are completely unprotected. One of my sons learned how to do this a month ago. So far my best solution was to take away his tablet and supervise him very closely when I give it back to him (temporarily).

In the end, I will no longer waste my money on Funamo.

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