How do I set identify the executable for a virtual environment and use this in Wing?

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After creating and configuring a Python environment from the command line, e.g., using `conda`, how would I use this environment in Wing? 

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1. Run the interpreter for your virtual environment outside of Wing.

2. From that interpreter, you can identify the executable for the environment by running the commands: 

import sys

3. From Wing, open the Project Properties dialog.

4. Set the Python Executable to be the output from the




Note that in Wing 101 there are no Project Properties so this is set instead in the Configure Python dialog, from the Edit menu.

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One thing to note is if you switch active projects and switch from a 2.7 project to a 3.3 project the python shell does not automatically switch from 2.7 to 3.3, you have to manually ask it to restart the shell - so if you have not done that and you check the shell to see the Python version it might be wrong.

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