Readdressing an unanswered question: "How to add mumps solver if fenics was built using anaconda?"

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It appears that comments/questions can't be updated on the old QA forum. For this reason I bring up a question from two weeks ago concerning mumps and FEniCS outlined from the link below.

A good example of how to install additional programs with FEniCS  through conda is given below.

Unfortunately after I run the following line and load dolfin in python I do not find mumps in the list when I call list_linear_solver_methods().

conda create -n fenicsproject2 -c conda-forge python=3.6 fenics mshr ipython mumps

What is the correct approach for configuring mumps with PETSc and FEniCS? I am concerned that if I reconfigure PETSc I might mess with how FEniCS interfaces with it. If I do need to reconfigure PETSc where can I find it? Is it in the anaconda3 folder?
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I would suggest building PETSc and FEniCS from source if you want extra PETSc features. Using 3rd-party solvers with PETSc is presently a conda (and not a FEniCS) issue (see 
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