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I am looking for an app .. maybe yours where it can be used to control my usage.

I do not know or have anyone to keep the settings and login private from me like a child would have with a parent.

Do you have a way where you can keep all the login information and settings with your group so the settings are out of my access?

I can be reached at if interested.


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In general, we recommend that you find an accountability partner who can be your friends or relatives to hold the password. It is the best option. We do have some customers who choose a random password and an email that does not exist. In that case, if they want to login to Funamo, they will have to contact us to reset the password for them. In this case, you will need to keep a copy of your purchase confirmation email so we can verify that you own the account since the email is a fake email.
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You could use the website
Save the password in an email which the website will send to you in a month, a year, or whenever is suitable. Then delete the password from all places on all your devices.
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