Any experiences with LineageOS 14?

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Are there any experiences with LineageOS 14, the successor of CyanogenMod Android custom ROM? It is based on Android 7 with some enhancements of the security model, so it might have some issues. Since I have got funamo running on CM12 and CM13, it is very likely, but I currently can't prove it. So ... are there any success stories so far? Tnx in advance!

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We have not directly tested LineageOS, but we know many customers used CyanogenMod ROMS and Funamo works well with them. One thing to note for these custom ROMS is that many of them are rooted. In general, a rooted device is less secure because a root user has basically the complete control of the device. So in general, we recommend customers unroot if possible with custom ROMs.

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I have 2 identical devices here ... both on lineage OS 14.1. The test device is the old one of my daughter, it has broken internal mobile antenna, so there is no mobile data at all. WIFI, bluetooth, GPS works fine, so it is an ideal test device for me. The second one is the one from my son, where I need to have funamo working. I installed on both. On test device from appstore since I had installed LineageOS without any data and app restore. This installation works beautiful, everything is fine as I am used to have it since I (= my kids) use this tool for about 3 to 4 years.

My son's device got initially an installation via titanium backup, since I tried to recover the settings after a major Android update. Unfortunately it did not work. After discussion with funamo support, I deleted funamo and reinstalled it from the app store. But hey ... now nothing works at all besides it recognizes the license. So today night I gave it a second try. Deleted funamo installation and reinstalled from app store. Same behavior (except the recognition of the license). So I checked the installation video and realized, that during installation I have not been asked for administrator's (=my) name. It just asked for the name of the kid. So I assume that there are some leftovers from the very first installation, that has not been deleted so far. And this leftover is related to the admin logic and blocks correct operations of funamo.

Is there anything that has to be deleted manually after having disabled divice admin and deleted funamo via settings/apps/Funamo/deinstallation?

Tnx a lot in advance.

Even though it looks a bit offtopic, it might have an impact also on other issues or error descriptions where people are complaining about stuff isn't working at all.

Related to the topic: Yes, it works fine under LineageOS, at least if you install it as described via the videos and not via a backup/restore tool.

A couple of things you can try:

1. Inside Funamo app, there is an option to uninstall Funamo, which takes care of disabling device admin etc. for you. You can try that.

2. If there is still something left over, you can also try to do a factory reset which will wipe the device.

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