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I'm using Windows 10, WingWare 101 V.6, Python 3.4 and PyOpenGL 3.1.1.

I have a Python program that works when run from a command line or double clicking on the icon.

When I try and run from inside WingWare from the Start/Continue menu I get

the an Error with the line:

from OpenGL.GL import *

Any ideas?


Ed H. 


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Most likely Wing is using a different Python version than the one where you installed PyOpenGL.  To fix this, go into that Python version or add the following to your code to see its output when you run it from the command line:

import sys


Then take the full path this prints (without any quotes) and put it into the Python Executable in the Configure Python dialog (from the Source menu).

(In Wing Personal and Wing Pro this is instead in the Project Properties dialog, from the Project menu)

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