When are we going to make games?

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You did say we were going to do that, didn't you?

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Please be patient!  That's absolutely the plan between now and the end of the class, but learning takes time.

There are four functions that can be used to build programs in CodeWorld.  Each one is a little more complicated than the previous one, but can also be used to write more programs.  They are:

  1. drawingOf, which is used to make simple drawings.
  2. animationOf, which is used to animate a moving picture.
  3. simulationOf, which adds state or memory to a moving picture.
  4. interactionOf, which allows a simulation to react to events, like mouse clicks and key presses.

Games are interactions, so they are last step.

Most people find simulations and interactions to be a lot more challenging than drawings or animations.  To build them successfully, you will need to build up some more advanced skills around two big ideas: functions and types.  Building those skills takes some time and practice.

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