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We have set a lock screen passcode on my son's phone (Samsung Galaxy S5).  However, every time the the phone is restarted the lock screen disappears.  I would like to have our son's phone password protected so that if he loses his phone at school or elsewhere, a stranger cannot access all of his phone's capabilities merely by restarting his phone.  I have the settings app as a protected app on his phone as well, so that he cannot change the lock screen passcode without parental permission.  Please advise on how the passcode lock screen can remain intact -- even after the phone is restarted.

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The only place that Funamo controls lock screen is the feature "Protect safe mode". Please check it under Account settings and disable it if it is enabled. If it is not enabled, it is somewhere else other than Funamo. Please check your lock screen settings in the Settings app to see if any settings need to be changed.
That change solved the problem. However, now my son's phone can be booted into safe mode. When it is booted up in safe mode, Funamo is completely disabled and he has unrestricted access to the Internet :/
written 12 months ago by Lisa Hanagan  
See this link on how protect safe mode works. 

There are two password. The master is used during bootup and only you should know it. The user password is used after bootup is complete which you can share with your kid.
written 12 months ago by Funamo Support  
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