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AllAnswered strives to be the platform for communities to learn and collaborate together online. Besides the world-class question and answer feature, we recently added support for 4 additional post types:

  • Article/Blog/Note - Share your knowledge and learning with the community and over time build an online knowledge base.
  • Poll/Survey - Easily create a poll to gather feedback from community members. Poll results are shown in a bar chart.
  • Idea/Proposal/Request - Have an idea for the community? Share it and see how others think about it.
  • Announcement/News - Community admins can create an announcement which will be shown on the top the next time user logs in.


Community admins/moderators can set permission for each post type separately

  • disable – it will remove this post type from the community and no one can create posts of this type
  • moderator only – only allow community moderators to create posts of this type
  • all members – allow all community members to create posts of this type

The default permission for all post types is "all members" except for Annoucement/News which is set to "moderator only".

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