Get ERR_TIMED_OUT except when doing google or bing search

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I can search Bing or Google, but when I try to click on a ling I just get ERR_TIMED_OUT message. If I turn off Funamo it works fine. I have content filtering on, but set to the default, so it should normal sites like CNN, espn, etc. Tried toggling "Whitelist Only" but does not work.

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When a website is blocked by Funamo, if it is using http (not encrypted), you will get the green "blocked by Funamo" page. If the site is using https (encrypted), you will get network error or network timeout page instead so you cannot load it.

Please check if the site is blocked by Funamo. A site is blocked by Funamo if

1. it is a porn site

2. it is a site that you added to the blacklist

3. you have whitelist only mode turned on and the site is not in your whitelist

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Per my original post ALL SITES are behaving this way, which makes Funamo pretty much useless for the $20 I paid.

To be more specific to your questions:

1. It happening on every site, not porn sites

2. It is happening on every site, not just blacklisted sites

3. As I originally posted, I toggled the whitelist only option, which is NOT activated.


Is there a phone number I can call to get this fixed? 

Thank you,


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