My son is consistently disabling Funamo

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My son has a Galaxy Note tablet N5110 - protected by Funamo.

Recently, there were no new entries in his history, so I checked his tablet - the Funamo was off. I turned it on.

The next day - no history again. Checked his tablet again - Funamo off again. Changed password and turned it back on.

Third day - same story: Funamo off.

It seems he has found a way to consistently disable Funamo - he won't tell me how he does it.

Please fix - and NOT just delete this post, as you did the previous time.

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UPDATE: At least I found out from my son WHY he is disabling Funamo. It is because his tablet is permanently locked. All settings seem to be correct: device control, time limited apps, etc. However, regardless of those settings, the "TouchWiz" app (launcher on Samsung tablets) is blocked by Funamo - at all times. He basically can't use his tablet. I can't allow him to use his tablet without disabling Funamo completely.

What the heck!?

Funamo Support - can you do something about it quickly?

written 18 months ago by Michal Figurski  

I know that in my experience when I set times for device control it locked out the device. Is he being locked out of the launcher during the device control time slots?

written 18 months ago by Jeffery Land  

No, he is being locked out at all times, not just during the device control time.

written 16 months ago by Michal Figurski  

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I have the same problem with the funamo (Moto G4 plus), which makes the software pretty useless. No history, no control, nothing...

And that's by the way, where I'm already trying to make peace with not functioning feature of the "safe mode protection" - which was for me the main reason to look into funamo at the first place...

I have the same problem. It doesn't look like kids know the password. The tablets work without any limitations even though I set 0 min manually via Web interface. When I try to open their games, funamo works as it is supposed to work. They definitely know some workaround, and this is not a password. Dear developers, please, make funamo "just work".
written 18 months ago by Sergey Belyaev  
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It is very hard to tell what your kid did given the limited information. But in general, here are things that you can check:

  1. Check if there are apps such as task manager, task killer, memory optimizer, memory cleaner, etc. Some of these apps can be used to kill other apps including Funamo. 
  2. Make sure you activate Funamo as device administrator and enable Protect device admin option in Funamo. These options used to be enabled by default. But in later version, we have to disable them by default because of Google policies. So please make sure that you enable them.
  3. Some device models (particularly devices from Asian vendors such as Huawei, Asus, Xiaomi, ZTE etc) have separate settings for app auto-restart. If Funamo is not enabled for it, it will not automatically restart after the device reboots. See this answer for an example:

In one thing I agree: it is very hard to tell. I disagree in the other 3:

1. No such apps exist in my son's tablet. 

2. Funamo is enabled as device admin, protected, and 'safe mode' protection is also enabled.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note is not one of those devices.

I still don't know how he does it, but if you asked me to make an informed guess - I'd say this is about the 'funamo1234' password that you need to type after certain events, like trying to uninstall funamo with protection on. You can unfortunately google this password, and I suspect this is what my son did.

How about you try to make this password individual for each account, and email it to parent only after thorough identification?

written 18 months ago by Michal Figurski  

The password funamo1234 is supposed to be known to the user. It is not a secret. It is mainly as a delay mechanism to prevent user from hitting deactivate button really fast. 

written 18 months ago by Funamo Support  

OK, my guess was incorrect, then. Anyway, your response doesn't help at all.

Funamo still blocks my son's tablet beyond reason (everything is blocked as soon as I enable Funamo), and he still finds a quick way to disable Funamo completely. In this case, it is not worth my money.

written 17 months ago by Michal Figurski  
15 months ago by

 Hi Michal, Hi Dennis,


since there is no detailed info about the setup of your devices, I just would like you to check the adb setting in developer options. It is a strong recommendation by funamo to disable adb. Another recommendation from me: If TouchWiz Launcher gets blocked, just replace it by e.g. NovaLauncher or another one. They can be downloaded from PlayStore and nearly every 3rdparty launcher is much more configurable than the bling-bling-tons_of_resources_consuming TouchWiz stuff.


Good luck, kind regards and keep the community updated. Tnx in advance!

Just another thing to check: There is a setting, that every app gets blocked as long as GPS is switched off. Please check the behavior while GPS is being switched on. Is it different? And how is it when you disable the setting?

written 15 months ago by Hans Schligtenhorst  
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If you have a good idea of when your son is disabling Funamo you could install TeamViewer on the tablet, hide the icon from being displayed in the notifications bar, then watch through TeamViewer to see what he is doing to disable Funamo.


My impression is he does it at start-up. That is: before the TeamViewer would have a chance to launch, and even before the tablet connects to WiFi.
But on the other hand - I don't know for sure, and the TeamViewer trick might be a good chance to find out. Thanks!

written 18 months ago by Michal Figurski  
17 months ago by

I found a solution for now.

I took my son's tablet away. I told him he will get it back as soon as either Funamo fixes the issue, or I find another way of monitoring and protecting his device.

If the latter happens first (I'm actively looking), I will ask Funamo for refund.

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This is my first time posting.

But I've been having the same issue with my son's Galaxy S6. I found out that what he has been doing is that he shuts the cellphone Off, and during reboot he has enough time to go into settings & and disable Admin Control and shutting Off Funamo by that means.
I thought the problem was with funamos license not applying but found out it was my son all along.

Need help, on how to keep those protections on during start up.
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