How do I run REDIS?

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REDIS is used by Payments for storing encrypted CV2s. When running locally, a local REDIS server will also need to be running. How do we set it up and use it?

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1) If 'wget' is installed, then go to 3). If 'brew' is installed, then go to 2). If 'brew' is not installed, then do this:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

2) Once brew is installed, do this to install wget:

brew install wget

3) Navigate to the dir where REDIS should be installed

4) Now get the files for REDIS (can check for latest version if wanted):


5) Run this: tar xzf redis-3.2.8.tar.gz

6) Run this: cd redis-3.2.8

7) Run this: make

8) Run the following to check everything is okay: make test

9) Start the server with this: src/redis-server

10) To monitor it, start a new Terminal and go to the same dir, then run this: src/redis-cli monitor

The monitoring will show the get/set commands going to the REDIS server from clients such as the Payments process.

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