User screen lock pattern always removed after an hour

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Hello everybody,

my son tries to set a pattern as screen lock, but after a while (an hour or so), it always gets removes (so there is no screen lock protection at all anymore). The Funamo parental controls including the parents password work, it is just the screen lock for the user.

What can be the problem?

The phone: Sony Xperia L 

The Android version: 4.2.2

Thanks everybody for ideas and support,

Thomas Jacob.

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 Do you have Protect Safe Mode feature turned on? If so and you set a user password, the device will set the lock screen password to whatever you set when the device restart. But it would not change the lock screen password if the device is not turned off and on. Did the device restart during that time?

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Thank you for the quick answer.

As my son quite actively uses the phone, yes, that may be possible. He even turns off the phone to save battery.

Is there any documentation about the Protected Safe Mode, its advantages and disadvantages, how user passworts behave, including a pattern screen lock getting reset?

Should I disable the feature? If I get it right, the user password requires opening Funamo settings, where my son is not permitted to, of course. Is there any chance to let Protected Safe Mode enabled and my son changes his user password?

By the way: Great software! Works as a charm for all our parental control needs!

Thank you again in advance,

Thomas Jacob.



Please refer to the following answer about Protect Safe Mode.

If it is enabled, the user's lock screen password will be overridden when the device reboot. If your kid is willing to share his password, you can set it as the user password in protect safe mode.

Some device model support safe mode. If the device boots into safe mode, Funamo will not be automatically restarted. If you don't think your son will be doing that, you can disable that feature. 

written 23 months ago by Funamo Support 

Thank you very much for the quick and super answer. Really great support :-)

Cheers, Thomas Jacob

written 23 months ago by Thomas Jacob 
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