"Unable to authenticate to utsa.tseriPortal.stampede2 with the default credential. Please check the login execution credential for the execution system and resubmit the job."

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The issue here is that Stampede2 requires 2-factor authentication to log in (a password followed by a 6-digit token). Right now, Agave can't really handle two factor authentication in the 'auth' section of your json file below. To solve this, we added a two-factor exception for Agave logins to a specific stampede2 login node: login4.stampede2.tacc.utexas.edu. Instead of username / password / token, users just need to provide username / public-private keypair. A template for what this looks like for a Stampede2 execution system is here:


We also have a script that automates this process. It is kind of black-boxy, and since you already have a good grasp on Agave systems, I would actually recommend not to run the script in its current form, rather to look at what the script does and apply it to your case. The script is here:


And a tutorial for the process is here:

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