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I'd like to use triangular meshes. How can I do that?

I've seen this function in the documentation but I get the following error:

TypeError: dolfin.cpp.generation.UnitTriangleMesh: No constructor defined!
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This works for me: (dolfin 2017.2)

import dolfin as df

mesh = df.UnitTriangleMesh().create()
It doesn't for me :(

Do you know how I can see which version I am using? I've tried to do print(dolfin.dolfin_version()) as in here but I get an error
AttributeError: module 'dolfin' has no attribute 'dolfin_version'
and by doing print(dolfin_version()) I get an other error:
NameError: name 'dolfin_version' is not defined
written 9 days ago by caterinabig  

from your terminal:

written 9 days ago by lhdamiani  
Thanks, then it's a more recent version... 2018.1.0.dev0
written 9 days ago by caterinabig  
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