Is it possible to use measurements that change over time as a boundar condition

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Currently I am building a model that needs to simulate temperature and humidity profiles inside a plant canopy. So it is basically a space-time problem.
Over time, I have measurements of a reference location. That location is outside of the canopy and is thus a boundary.
Based on initial values and the boundary conditions I want to simulate the profiles inside the canopy over time.
Now I saw that it is possible to use a robin-boundary condition, which quite closely resembles the pattern that I see. However, I was wondering if it would be possible to replace such a boundary condition with my own measurements. I was thinking of some kind of dirichletBC, which could be updated every (certain amount of) timesteps(s).

Depending on the possibilities in this respect I can or cannot use FEniCS, so it would be nice if you can help me find an answer.
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I guess it depends on how your measurements look like. If you are able to put them into a suitable format, I don't see why you should not be able to implement this.
If you have all the measurements beforehand, you can simply interpolate them in time and prescribe time-dependent Dirichlet data.
If you get your measurements on-the-fly then you can update the Dirichlet BC in the timeloop and apply them at the corresponding timestep.
of course you need to check if your problem is wellposed with boundary conditions like that.
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You can create a DirichletBC object with variables and update the variables each timestep however you desire.
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