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How do I find out what an item attribute was on a certain day, or what changes have occurred to the attributes of an item?

For example, I want to see for item XYZ if it was classified as an instrument or an implant prior to XA2DCS compared to what it is today.  Is it possible to find this information, and if so how?
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Historical item attributes are available in the history.item_attributes table.  Here is an example of how to query all historical values of the "level_5_code" for an item:

  item = '00000000005' and
  attribute_name = 'level_5_code'
order by

You can also get this information in Snap, by using the "Item History" link in the "Utilities" Nav Bar Group:

Once in the item history app, use the Attribute drop-down to select which attribute to look up, click on the "Edit List" button to enter or paste in the items you want to look up and click the "Refresh" button to download the data.

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