Can I have both push notifications and don't see not removable funamo notification on the lock screen?

23 months ago by

It looks like push notifications work only when settings/apps/funamo/notifications are enabled.

But the side effect of that is - funamo is always present in the notifications. And it is not possible to clear it.

Is there a way to have both push notifications and don't have this persistent notification being shown?

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23 months ago by

On Android, it is possible disable notification for each device. You can do it in Application manager. It is a standard Android function. But we have seen that it may introduce some instability if you do that on some device models. Funamo is more likely to be killed by the system when resources are running low. So in general, we do not recommend it. But you can test it out yourself. If it works well on your device, you can disable/hide it.

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