I'm not able to log into Funamo, if there is no internet connection ..

22 months ago by

 ... not even to enable a free WLAN so I get internet connection.


It tells me, the password is wrong, thought the same password does work on the internet at the same time.

Is this suppose to be like this?

2 Answers

22 months ago by

When the device is not connected to the internet, Funamo uses a local cached credential to authenticate you. So you should be able to login to the app even without internet connection. Please double check the spelling of your password.

22 months ago by

I even setup an extra easy one and it still does not work. Only when connected to the internet.

Can you enable "Use local credential to login" checkbox on the login page and try again? That will force Funamo to use local cached credential.

written 21 months ago by Funamo Support 
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