SpatialCoordinate raises UFLException

5 months ago by
I construct a mesh using Triangle and convert it using dolfin-convert to generate the mesh.xml file. After importing dolfin, I load the mesh. But calling SpatialCoordinate on the mesh raises an error.

mesh = Mesh("mesh.xml")
x = SpatialCoordinate(mesh)​


UFLException: Invalid cell <Mesh of topological dimension 2 (triangles) with 2507 vertices and 4847 cells, ordered>​

How can I use SpatialCoordiate without getting this error?
Community: FEniCS Project
Are you sure the problem is not in your mesh? I tried with a UnitSquareMesh and have no problem.
written 5 months ago by Eleonora Piersanti  
I can solve problems on this mesh and plot the solution with no difficulty. What kind of problems in the mesh might lead to this behaviour?
written 5 months ago by Isabelle Santos  
You can try to upload the mesh if this is not too big!
written 4 months ago by Eleonora Piersanti  
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