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Scenario: As we are working on offshore/onshore model, we are doing 2 DSM:

- An internal one in morning with offshore team
- An formal DSM in evening with entire onshore+offshore team.

I feel there is a lot of time getting wasted in doing it. How to solve this?
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In the initial phase of the project there could be multiple reasons for which dual DSMs may be required so that team can openly talk and share about their concerns / impediments. So it should be fine to have dual DSMs.

However over a period of time, once team has build a good relation with offshore team, we can combine those DSM and have only one DSM with entire offshore + onshore team.
In Scrum Framework, PO is optional to attend the DSM, If it's ready to attend then good. For alignment of scrum team it should be only 1 DSM not 2.
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If we feel it is waiting time, we should not encourage multiple DSM. Moreover, It is not recommended to do multiple DSM for the same project. Instead,

Option 1: Only consider the DSM where all participate.

Option 2: If really require another one, instead of connecting call/face2face mention the same on a chat (What done, what plan, any impediments) this will save huge time and everyone can share at a time.

Any dependency / impediments should be consider for a discussion only needed.
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Ideally one DSM should suffice the purpose, however in some projects it becomes mandatory to have both internal and external DSMs.

Why it may become necessary is due to various reason like below:-
1. Many a times, Team is more open to share the EXACT challenges in internal DSM, compare to external DSMs.
2. There are many times, some challenges that we cannot directly share with client.
3. Client DSMs usually happen in the late evening, where many time priority gets changed and team thinks through after that.
they need to share further challenges (if any) with internal team and may have to work on something else instead.
4. Team is new, team members have not much experience, they are not sure what and how to update, in these cases a dry run is good initially. Can be slowly phased out once team is self orgainzed.
Can be anything more as well....

How we can solve the issue of "I feel there is a lot of time getting wasted in doing it. How to solve this? "
The team themselves need to work on a solution for this.
We should facilitate a discussion within the team. Team will share the activities that they find are wasting time.
and can accordingly decide and reduce those activities.
Once the team decides which details they will share in in internal DSMs or External DSMs. They will be happy to follow that.
They will also feel that their time is getting utilized properly.
So our main role will be to facilitate this discussion and reach on conclusion.

Few of the things that my team tried are below :

1. We stopped having internal DSMs for some time. Team themselves felt its not happening right. So we discussed and again started.
2. We also tried having internal DSM just before the external DSMs, that did not work either for long.
3. We decided to share only challenges and plan for the day in internal DSMs and external DSMs continued as it it. This worked for us. However this may not work for your team , So discuss with your team and find the right solution.

Hope it helps :)

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The scenario mentioned in that offshore team is doing 2 meetings (i.e. internal meeting in morning & DSM in evening). It seems like that the offshore team members are aware of agile and understood the importance of DSM but they are not satisfied with the internal meeting. The offshore team may have fear of losing valuable productivity on their current work.

So do internal team meeting is really required?
- Not only required, but it is absolutely essential and can improve everyone’s productivity when done right.

The offshore team must need to understand the importance of internal team meeting and why it is required. Offshore team Manager/TL should discuss with the team, share their thoughts and give them confidence for the internal team meeting.
Here are some points highlighted which may help.

(1) Why internal Team meeting?
- The internal team meeting is not just only as status update meeting in which TL/Manager is collecting information about task status.
- It is a platform where all team members can share their thoughts, discuss and understand each other in better way.

(2) It Vital for Problem Solving
- There are some challenges/scenarios which can not directly share with the client. We can share it with the team, discuss and propose the win-win solution to the client.
- It's often that team members are not more Open/share in DSM. So internal team meeting is a platform where they can fairly share their thoughts with the team. When any new team member joins the team at that time this internal team meeting is really helping him/her to be a true team player.

(3) It helps to keep Everyone Informed
- Regular meetings keep updated with all team members. Sometimes there are some important updates (i.e. related to project or it could be anything) which Manager/Team member want to share with the team then this internal team meeting is the right platform to share it.

(4) Resolve conflict & made better decisions as a Team
- Sometimes Problems and issues within the team can negatively affect team members to do their daily tasks. Team member can discuss this in the internal team meeting, resolve confusion/conflict and made a better decision as a Team.
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Ideally the purpose of DSM is to understand & communicate What's Done last day, What's Planned for today & Blockers to all the stack holders of the project which includes Client/PO, SM, Team. Hence, until or unless there is a change to the priority/items which are already planned last day, we do not require another internal DSM.
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