fail to generate PIF file from current snapshot

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Hi, everyone, I am trying to generate the PIF file and use it in the following simulation. I get a "fail to respond " error, just as the picture.

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So the screen becomes unresponsive once you click on 'Generate PIF file from current snapshot'? I used to have an issue when the command can't be selected at all. The way I solved it is instead of running the simulation by hitting play initially, I would hit step on the first mcs and then click on play later (Does that help in any way? ). That seemed to work with the command being available after that. Though this problem is fixed in the newer cc3d versions.
written 10 days ago by priyomadhyapok  
Yeah, once I click on  'Generate PIF file from current snapshot' it becomes unresponsive. If I hit the step on only and then click to generate PIF, the same result is got.
written 10 days ago by Yuan  
There is also an option for PIF Dumper Steppable (Its in the manual) which you can add to the main python file. This way you don't have to use the player. Does that work for you?
written 10 days ago by priyomadhyapok  
Yes, this is an effective way. Thanks sincerely.
written 10 days ago by Yuan  

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Does the solution work?
Yes, I succeed to generate the PIF using the PIF Dumper Steppable.
written 3 days ago by Yuan  
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