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Go to the green tab in this Google spreadsheet called "Presence", search for your student-id and then change the blank cell to "Yes" (from the drop-down) if you attended the lab session on that specific date (see column header). It's only necessary to indicate that you are present (="Yes”). That is to say, it is assumed that a blank means you were absent.

Further info
As announced previously, I don't care whether you are present or not. After all, I assume you are old and wise enough to decide what's best for yourself. With that said, the course coordinator wants to analyze students’ lab session attendance. So somehow I need to keep track of whether you are present. Rather than using old school pen and paper I prefer a digital approach: this Google spreadsheet. There is one drawback though (or at least from my perspective): you can fill out the form from anywhere at any time and you can change other's status as well. In other words, it may not be the most reliable method to measure attendance..

Since there are no (direct) negative consequences associated with missing any lab sessions (i.e. grading stays the same it and no other penalties whatsoever), I hope that everyone will be honest while filling out the form.

Thanks for being honest :)

N.B. I also included a spreadsheet "Course_Feedback" where you can leave personal feedback about the lab sessions, programming lessons, assignments, etc.
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