Where is the parse error in this program?

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data World = World (Marble, Ball, Flag)
data Marble = Marble(Number, Number, Number, Number)
data Ball = Ball (Number, Number, Number, Number)
data Flag = Flag (Number, Number)
data FlagF = FlagF (Number, Number)

main = simulationOf(initial, step, picture)

initial(rs) = World (initialMarble,initialBall,initialFlag)
initialMarble = Marble(-8,8,3,-1)
initialBall = Ball (11,4,3,5)
initialFlag = Flag (7,-7)
initialFlagF = FlagF (6,-7)

step(world,dt)= gravity(world,dt)

|x > 4 = (x,y)
|y < 7 = (x,y)
|xv > 6 = (xv, yv)
|yv < 5 = (xv, yv)
|otherwise = (x,y,xv,yv)

picture = (World(m,b,f,ff)&marble(m)&ball(b)&flag(f)&flagF(ff)

marble(m) = colored(translated(solidCircle(1),-8,8),red) <------ Parse Error
ball(b) = colored(translated(solidCircle(1), 11,4),cyan)
flag(f) = colored(translated(solidRectangle(1,5),gray),7,-7)
flagF(ff) = colored(translated(solidRectangle(1,4),green),6,-7)

link wont work srry

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The problem is on the previous line.  That's normal for parse errors, because most of the time, the computer doesn't realize there's anything wrong until it gets to the next line.

In the definition of picture, I think you wanted something like this:

picture(World(m, b, f, ff)) = marble(m) & ball(b) & flag(f) & flagF(ff)
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Thank You Chris. From: Aaron and Alyssa (we're working together)

written 11 weeks ago by Alyssa Ann Dilan  
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