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I recently had to perform a factory reset on my Galaxy S4. When starting up Funamo for the first time after the reinstall, it asked me to validate my license, which was successful.

I can log into Funamo locally, but my problem is that I can't register Funamo with Google Push, and therefore can't sync the device with the server. 

The message that I receive is "Google push Registration ID upload failed: ERROR: Funamo server returns error. code 400 message: Validation failed. Please contact Funamo support. Register push service failed: please try again."

Please help, and thanks!



Community: Funamo

If i perform manual push, the sync with server starts but then terminates with "ERROR: Funamo server returns error. code 400. message: Device code mismatch."

written 8 months ago by Scott Miller  

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After you factory reset your device, please do NOT restore Funamo from backup. Completely uninstall it if you already restored it from back up, then install a fresh copy from Google Play and set it up again using the same Funamo account.

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